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Ethane Separation Plant Project

  • Ethane Separation Plant Project


Ethane Separation Plant (ESP) Project in Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate in Rayong Province. The ethane separation plant’s purpose is to improve production of the gas separation plant unit 2 and 3 which results to ethane separation capability.

The project owner, PTT Plc., has appointed Fluor Daniel Eastern, Inc. as its Project Management Consultant (PMC). Span Company Limited has been selected by Fluor as its local consultant to perform engineering parts on civil, structural, architectural, electrical, water supply and sanitary systems in the project.

Pro-En’s engineer has worked in Span electrical engineering section between October 2007 to February 2010.  The work includes design, review, verify, approve electrical works and subsequent supervision of electrical installation work by the contractor. Major work includes a 33/11 kV transformers, 11 kV system and LV system including electrical utilities system such as grounding, lightning, fire alarm, CCTV and lighting system.

Client: Span Co., Ltd.

Location: Rayong, Thailand

Completed date: February 2010

Category: Petro-Chemical / Plant