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Engineering Design


Engineering Design Include:

  • Site physical analysis, accessibility studies, neighboring sensitivities
  • Advising on the feasibility, interfaces, buildability, and schedule of the design
  • Pre-Qualification of construction methods advisory
  • Voice of the timeline, site conditions, and safety concerns during the Tender Review of Contractors
  • Defining key performance indicators for contractors
  • Advising on the need for mock ups, samples, third party testing, inspections, and Design Approvals
  • Diligent advisory as to the Construction Costs, Energy, and Water savings during the construction
  • Preparing a construction schedule with milestones, phasing, major deliveries and other site parameters that drive the schedule
  • Arranging for site facilities, fences, hoardings, roads and walkways, drainage, power, communications, I.T., water supply and temporary services
  • Managing all site Inspectors, Testing, Daily Logs, monthly reports, Request for Information (RFI from Designers, Site communications (SI’s, NCR’s, MOM, RFA’s, Visitors, etc.), Safety meetings, contractor meetings, Variations Orders and product substitutions
  • Inspecting contractors works, issuing instructions and certificates
  • Witnessing tests and coordinating commissioning
  • Collating as-built information, building owner’s manual, building user’s handbook, pre-construction information and construction phase plan

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