Pro-En is capable to offer an integrated and multidisciplinary service for different phases of a project namely:

– Master planning
– Feasibility study & due diligence
– Project cost estimation
– Conceptual design
– Bidding document and contract drafting

– Detailed engineering design
– Special design (process analysis, piping stress analysis, structural analysis etc.)
– Operation & Maintenance
– EIA study

– Project management
– Construction management and supervision
– Approved engineering document
– Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM)
– Procurement management
– Turnkey contractor
– Test, Commissioning assistance

The above services are available in the following division business unit:

  • Engineering Business Unit
  • Water & Environment Business Unit

Activity Sectors

Sectors in which Pro-En is currently active includes but is not limited to:

Engineering Business Unit

  • Petro-chemical plant
  • Industrial processing plant
  • Oil & Gas plant
  • Pipeline and storage plant for fuel, gas and steam
  • Power generation, control & SCADA system
  • Transmission and distribution.
  • Infrastructure
  • M&E and HVAC design
  • Factory and storage building
  • Traffic and transportation
  • Urban and rural development study
  • Commercial and residential development
  • Project Management and Consulting

Water & Environment Business Unit

  • Resource and environmental management (e.g. solid waste management).
  • Environmental impact assessment (including hazardous waste).
  • Water supply and waste water treatment.