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500/230kV Ubonratcha-Thani 3 Substation

  • 500/230kV Ubonratcha-Thani 3 Substation


The 500/230 kV Ubonratchathani 3 substation is a part of GMS Power Interconnection Project among Thai, Laos and Vietnam
under subsidized from Asian Development Bank. The link will be made via 500 kV transmission system at from
Ubonratchathani 3 substation in Thailand to B. Cheng Nua Substion in Laos and Plaiku Substation in Vietnam. The project is
inteded to transfer 1400 MW of power among three contries.

Client: Tokyo Electrical Power Co., Inc.

Location: Ubonratcha-Thani 3, Thailand

Completed date: November 2006